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Welcome to the Hawaiian Ranchos Road Maintenance Corporation

Current news

Nov 29, 2016: Some sad news for Ranchos, our long time board member and founder of HRRMC, Don Nitsche, passed away last month. The same week our past board member Yisrael Gorali also passed away. Both did a lot for this community.

On a brighter note, we do have a signed contract with our paving contractor to chip seal 2 miles of road and 30 intersection, starting in January.

At our annual meeting we had one new board member voted in, Gabe Hechler. Also the budget was passed and that includes a raise of the annual assessment with$20 to $150

April 2, 2016: We have ordered more radio remotes for the Kohala Gate. This time wo got a better supplier. The price is now $30 for a remote.

Feb 15, 2016: The question on our ballot at our latest newsletter, "Do you want Ranchos fully gated, and are you willing to help pay for installation/operation?", the majority voted NO. There is no reason for us to further this issue. If you want to pursue the gate issue further, please contact the community association, HRCA

Feb 10: There has been a crazy rumor spreading that we are tripling our annual fees. NOT TRUE! Just a crazy rumor spread by some confused people.

The Kohala gate has been upgraded with some security features; electronic eyes will prevent pedestrians to be accidentally squeezed. A battery backup has been installed, if the utility power fails, the gate will automatically open and remain open until utility power is restored.

We are also offering a remote gate opener for our commuters for a price of $50. Contact the office if you are interested.

The History page has been updated with some interesting stuff!

You can now pay your road maintenance fee online. Follow the instructions on the "Pay Online" page.

The office has new hours of operation, see our contact page.

We now have a mail drop box at the office. If you are local, you can drop off mail to us there, when the office is closed. Save a stamp...

The road maintenance work plan is moving along. The fog sealing and striping of all east-west roads from Maile down to Jacaranda has been completed. All the intersections in the same area has been fog sealed, striped and stop bars painted. We added some pictures in the Gallery

The Prince Kuhio Blvd is still open, you can always get in & out of the Ranchos without a gate key. The main purpose of the Kohala gate is to stop unauthorized through traffic in our subdivision